Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Can you take an interest in art without being artistic or creative?

Kudos to my boyfriend for putting up with awkward questions like this a lot of the time.

So, the other day, my mind was wandering in the same old meandering fashion it normally takes, when I came across a thought that made me pause, and question, and spiral off into thoughts aplenty. Can you take an interest in art without being artistic or creative? 

I think this piqued my interest because to consider this question as viable, you need to see creativity as a spectrum. Arguably, there are many many articles and the like saying "Right Brain means you must be creative! Left Brain means maths is your only path in life!" which imply that you are only strictly Right- or Left- brained. 

But, would this then mean that Left- brained people could not have the capacity to appreciate art? They could not see the beauty in a well-composed piano accompaniment, or view a photograph only as evidence of an event and nothing more?

Perhaps, then, creativity is more of a spectrum, in that those who have a strong Left- brain can still visit a museum out of their own volition, or see a photograph and question the events and relationships and consequences behind it. 

Let me know what you think in the comments,

Saturday, 19 April 2014

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Wanderlust calling...

So I'm gonna give you a bit of backstory here - last year, I was getting ready to ride the wave of festivals (6 to be exact) that were taking place all throughout summer, and I couldn't have been more excited. I had the best summer, saw some brilliant acts and met some wonderful people who are still in my life today.

But I find myself thinking: "Now what?". My summer of festivals was my first chance at freedom and exploration, and I certainly explored the mud-ridden fields in its entirety. Where do I go from here?

And that, my avid readers, is the exact question I am thinking on right now. Where can I go? This past week has been a flurry of fleeting thoughts of France, of exploring little streets in Rome and Dubrovnik and Paris and Budapest and! Finding parts of a city that you feel that no-one else knows about. That feeling, is the best in the world, and one I aspire to daily.

In a sheer chance of luck, I am off to the beautiful Barcelona next week, for a few days. I'll do a post later on in the week with my plans, clothes, hopes and dreams... but for now, pray do tell: without a doubt, what should I not miss in Barcelona? The paella? Las Ramblas? A little street with a beautiful antique shop?

Let me know in the comments the unmissable from Barcelona

All the best,


Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Art of being Thrifty

Hello hi how ya doin’. Apologies to start this blog on such an opinionated footing, but here goes: Fashion can be thrifty.
I will let you into a little secret: I am an avid charity shop fan, and when I say avid, I mean a good 60% of my wardrobe is from those musty, disorganised, wonderful little shops. The truth of the matter is, many “high fashion” trends can be found in charity shops, namely the two-piece combo which everyone is raving about. 
My inspiration for this little rant is ASOS. Not just ASOS, but ASOS Marketplace, the hub for budding hipsters and style-savvy fashion hunters. Whilst perusing the site, I saw this: 

Here, from the alternative and ‘thrifty’ ebay equivalent, we see combo upon combo of various prices, from £35 UPWARDS. Does anyone else think this pricing is excessive? I firmly believe you can follow high street trends and explore fashion trends even more if you give charity shops a go. I have it on good authority (I did it myself) that you can get a good quality two-piece from a charity shop for a measly £5. Now if that’s not thrifty, I don’t know what is.
Let me know your thoughts - do you champion the charity shop? 
See y’all soon 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Pip talks.

Hey hi hello! 
My name is Pip. I am an aspiring life-liver in their early 20’s, and I am oh-so-fed-up of the daily monotony and the unspent energy wondering what to do with yourself. 
So I figured, it’s time to change! Or at least aim to dedicate a few months to this project. 
I want to learn and explore; not just physically, but mentally too. I will undertake any journey, whether that be in the quest to conquer the Spanish language or travel to a place I have never been, or perhaps even explore my roots.
Hit me up with any ideas, suggestions, chit chat or the like in the comments - there is nothing more valuable to learn about than other people.
See ya on the flip side,